Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Introduction to Roman

Roman is more than just an ACC student. He’s a professional dancer in the Austin community, a teacher’s assistant in the dance department, and a role model for dance majors. He holds a Bachelors in Dance Studies from Texas State and is working towards his Masters in Dance. For right now though, he’s doing what he loves – dancing and teaching!

Teaching moment with his soloist, Lindsey.

“The idea for my dance came from reality - art imitating reality,” he said. He’s especially interested in “mean time” as he calls it. The little moments of resolution or the small provocations that cause the larger events in life. His solo also explores relationships. “I was looking at the idea of relationships with someone or a thing or an event. What happens when you're going through that?”

Initially, Roman had been planning on creating a group piece. But circumstances limited him to a solo. “It was a good challenge for me to explore other ideas and concepts,” he said. Both in choreography and life, he prefers to see opportunities instead of upset plans. His original plan to pursue a degree in Psychology and Counseling was upset by his desire to explore dance. It became an amazing opportunity for him. The encouragement from ACC dance teachers, Darla Johnson and Allison Orr, touched him at a time when he was struggling to discover what he was good at. “Hearing someone say that you can do this and do it well, it made me want to prove something.” This motivation helped him transition into being a successful college student and an incredible dancer. 

Watching his choreography come to life. 

Roman’s favorite choreographer is Pina Bausch. “I love her movement invention,” he said. He appreciates her fearlessness to touch "uncomfortable subjects" and to explore movement outside of the "pretty art" box.

Inspiration to dance? Roman took a moment to think before saying, “It used to be music, that was my first inspiration. But now it's interest in something or inquiry; inquiry about life, the body, and space and time.” 

Don’t miss the chance to see Roman in Kathy Dunn Hamrick’s upcoming show: http://www.kdhdance.com/Upcoming-performances/.  
Pictures by Anne Wharton

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