Monday, December 2, 2013

Learning about Libby

Libby is a dance major at ACC who wants to earn her Bachelors in Dance from Texas Women’s University. She dreams of being a choreographer but has another calling as well. After she had to leave home at 14, Libby lived with a family who had a boy with Down syndrome. She discovered a passion for helping these children as she drew close to her new brother. “I would love to open a studio for Down syndrome kids,” she says. Touched by the social isolation that these kids experience, Libby was inspired to create a safe place that would provide them the communal activity they usually miss out on.

Two of Libby's dancers in rehearsal: Kaorra and Lizz.

Never one to shy away from hard concepts, Libby’s piece revolves around a pervasive issue within dance communities: anorexia. “I was inspired because my friend suffers from anorexia, and this is such a big issue for dance too,” she said. Her movement was directly influenced by pictures and documentaries on the subject of anorexia. She spent time researching the manifestation of the disorder in the way people present themselves. "These girls can't even look at themselves," she said about one common mannerism among sufferers of anorexia. 

Libby's full cast of dancers: Lizz, Kaorra, Steven, and La Tiya.

Libby had her dancers watch a documentary in order to embody the emotions of someone suffering from the disorder. One of the challenges Libby had as a choreographer was helping her dancers relate to the disorder in order to portray it. As Libby pointed out, it can be really hard to relate to something like this if you've never experienced it before.  

Steven and Kaorra

Libby’s favorite movement style is the combination of Ballet and Modern. She likes the innovation of modern as well as the technical lines of ballet.

What inspires her to dance? “When I’m onstage it’s not me anymore. I had a tough childhood and dancing takes me out of reality. It’s not about my life anymore.” 

Libby watching her dancers from offstage. 

Want to know who's in what show? 

This Friday and Saturday at 8PM on the Mainstage at Rio Grande: Megan, Libby, Anne (that's me!), Kaorra, Roman, Sarah, Jenny, Heather, David, Lindsey, and Steven will be presenting their own choreography along with two faculty pieces from Catherine Solaas and Darla Johnson.

Thursday the 12th at 7PM in the Rio Grande Dance Studio: Hien, Lizz, Colleen, Frannie,     La Tiya, Amanda, Jennifer, Rex, Deanna, and Sean will be showing their choreography. 

Don't know who all the dancers are? Keep reading and come to the shows!!

Pictures by Anne Wharton

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