Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All About Megan!

Megan is one of my fabulous classmates in Darla Johnson’s Choreography class. She came to ACC straight out of high school. Her plans for the future are a little up in the air but, “for now”, she’s considering Biology as her major at either Concordia or UT. 

Dance will always be a part of her life though. “I will make it happen,” she said smiling, “I have to have it in my life.”

That's Megan on the right and Lindsey's on the left.

Her dance was created with the movement coming first and the idea second. “Move first is how I kinda do things.” She and her duet partner, the gorgeous Lindsey, began to explore the relationship between sisters as the piece developed. Megan has a younger sister and Lindsey an older sister. The dancers would come up with movement depending on how they felt that day; “the movements just kinda spoke to me.”

This is Megan’s first duet. “It was a really fun process. I love working with different people.” She enjoyed finding a new dance vocabulary for her piece that was a collaboration between her and Lindsey. They both have unique styles and different backgrounds, so she was excited to create something new for both of them that they shared.

I love the hands, don't you?

Megan finds inspiration in music, especially soul jazz and the blues (think Billie Holiday) and watching others dance. One of her favorite choreographers is Mia Michaels because she loves Michaels’s unique way of incorporating props into dances.

Soon to come: more dancers, more pictures, and more fun!

Pictures by Anne Wharton

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