Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Fabulous Hien Nguyen

Hien Nguyen came to ACC after a year at UTSA. She describes her first experience at ACC as “jumping from class to class like I was shopping – trying to find the right fit.” After her first dance class last year, Dance Improvisation with Catherine Solaas, she finally felt at home. Hien has plans to earn her Bachelors in Dance after graduating from ACC with her Associates in Dance.

That's David holding Hien

Hien’s piece focuses on a social issue that has touched many people. “I wanted to explore the idea of bullying within the structure of friendship.” Hien did some research into the two manifestations of bullying; specifically aggression and manipulation. Her next step after research was creating movement. “I came up with a motif and went with it.”

For her, the hardest part of the process was piecing together the different movements “to tell the story”. As a versatile artist, the actual creative process was the fun part. The thrill of creating something, whether through writing or painting or choreographing, is the true attraction of the arts for Hien. This love for “creativity and art” is what first drew her to dance.

Hien, David, and Lizz mid-dance!

Two of Hien’s favorite choreographers are Steve Paxton and Lar Lubovitch. She loves the pedestrian nature of Paxton’s work and the excitement of his improvisation. As far as Lubovitch is concerned, “Oh my gosh!” She’s completely mesmerized by his diverse style of movement. Hien was one of several ACC students, myself included, who had the chance to see Lar Lubovitch’s company live in Austin last month – best field trip ever!

Things that inspire Hien to dance? “People watching.” When she sees people walk by, she loves to visualize dancers moving along with them.

Just a little Saturday morning cardio.

Hope everyone has a restful weekend - last week before tech week starts now! 

Pictures by Anne Wharton

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