Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All about Mind Body Motion

Current and past members of MBM

What's MBM?
Mind Body Motion is ACC’s Student Dance Company. We were formed during Spring '14 and held our first audition at the end of that spring semester. We’re not limited to dance majors and we love all skill levels. Reflecting the ACC Dance Department’s open door policy, we are open to all ACC students!

What’s the audition going to be like?
Basically, one fun dance class! We’ll have a warm-up, a modern combination, and a guided improvisation. This is our chance to see what you move like, how you respond to instructions, and how passionate you are about dance. Wear formfitting clothing and show up a little early to fill out the student information sheet. The audition will be held Thursday, September 4th, from 6:00-8:00 pm in the Rio Grande Dance Studio, room 130.  

In rehearsal for the Summer Informance

What kind of projects does the company undertake?
Anything you can dream up! The officers in the company are here to help you create the projects you want to see. In the past, we’ve choreographed for the ACC Dance Department’s Summer Informance and presented improvisations at the WEST Austin Studio Tour at the Rio Grande Campus.

At the WEST Austin Studio Tour

What is the company working on now?
Besides recruiting people for the audition?! We do have a concert performance coming up on October 17th at the Belmont. We’ve been selected by RAWartists, an organization that helps artists meet other local artists and gain exposure, to perform in their Axis Showcase. Tickets can be purchased here.  It is a 21 and up venue.

If you have any questions or want more information about the audition, don’t hesitate to contact Sarah at accstudentdance@gmail.com.

See you at the audition this Thursday!

Pictures by Anne Wharton

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