Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why is Dance Film Night important?

We invest so much time in the studio that sometimes we can forget the end goal. Watching completed works is a reminder of why sweating away in a technique class has value. It’s the inspiration to push forward and create your own art.

Dance Film Night is our bi-annual examination of dance on screen. On Thursday, October 9, Julie Nathanielsz will lead a viewing and discussion that includes several choreographers as well as visual artists.

One of the works to be discussed: Oliver Herring's Nathan (Hotel Room)

This film night is exploring the relationship between the camera and the movement. It’s the intersection of technology, movement, and even some visual art. Feed your brain to inspire your body and come learn about some amazing choreographers.

“Dance Film Night is about giving students access to work 
we wouldn't be able to see in our community. It’s the opportunity 
to broaden the scope of what we call dance.”

- Darla Johnson

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