Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8 Classes You Don't Want to Miss this Fall

1. What does it take to create your own choreography? Find out in Introduction to Dance Composition with Catherine Solaas. The class meets on T/Th from 11-12:50. You’ll get the chance to make your own work and you’ll get to dance in other student’s work as well.

Student in rehearsal for a student piece

2. Ready to take your choreography to the next level? Join Darla Johnson’s Dance Composition on T/Th from 3:30-5:50. Learn techniques that challenge your creative process and inspire you to try new things. At the end of the semester, show off your work on the Mainstage at Rio Grande!

3. If you miss performing, or maybe you want to try it out for the first time, sign up for one of the great Dance Performance Workshop classes. Darla Johnson teaches M/W from 4:50-7:05 and Catherine Solaas teaches from 2:10-4:30 on M/W. The class is structured like a dance company: you’ll work with the “artistic director” (your teacher) to create a piece of art that you’ll perform for a live audience!

Faculty work on the big stage - photo by Jose Bustamante

4. Ballet I with Kathy Dunn Hamrick is one of the best ways to get dancing again or start for the very first time! She’ll be teaching on T/Th from 3-4:20 at the beautiful Synergy Dance Studio on Bee Cave Road. Learn the basics or use it as a refresher course – either way you don’t want to miss this fun class!

5. Tights and leotards not your thing? How about sweats and tshirts? Try out Modern I on T/Th from 6-8:20. One of the best classes for getting in shape and a must take for any serious dancer. Learn technique you’ll use for the rest of your life or just have a blast showing off your fancy new shoulder rolls to your friends.

Jumping around in Modern class

6. Looking for an upbeat lunch hour gig? Roxanne Gage is teaching a wonderful Jazz Dance I on T/Th from 11-12:20 at the Synergy Dance Studio on Bee Cave Road. Rock out on your lunch break – no experience necessary to have fun!

7. How about a morning workout? Roxanne Gage has Jazz Dance II on T/Th from 9:00-10:20. Start your mornings off with a bang and keep the energy going all day!

8. Or maybe you’re just looking for one big dance party – one word, improvisation. Catherine Solaas will be leading Dance Improvisation I on T/Th from 1-3:20 and Darla Johnson will be leading the Dance Improvisation II class on M/W from 7:15-8:35. Improv is unlike anything you’ve done before and it will be all you want to do after you try it!

We love a little outdoor improv!

You only have 8 days left to register! Registration closes on August 20th and the payment deadline is also August 20th at 5pm. Don’t forget to pay or you will be dropped from your classes!!

Check out the complete schedule here 
Check out Registration Info here 

All dance classes are held at the Rio Grande Studio (Room 130) unless otherwise specified.

Pictures by Anne Wharton unless otherwise noted

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