Sunday, July 5, 2015

Former ACC Student Takes the Stage Again

ACC’s Dance Summer 2015 Informance on Tuesday, July 7 at the Rio Grande Campus brings together a mix of students and professionals, and some self-proclaimed professional students. 

Atticus in rehearsal at ACC.
Atticus Rodriguez started attending ACC classes around ’07. Originally from Corpus Christi, Atticus came to Austin with an established background in performing, competing and choreographing. “I liked Austin and I was looking for more performance opportunities,” Atticus said about his move to Austin. ACC gave him a place to network with other dancers in the Austin community and expand his knowledge of dance.

Atticus is presenting a solo, Now This is Fun, for the showcase. The piece is inspired from his daily routines; relaxing after work, listening to records, and screen printing. “There’s not a lot of communication in my pieces. It’s more about appreciation of an atheistic,” Atticus said about the concept behind his movement. 

His solo is significantly tied to his music choice, Depeche Mode. “It’s my ode to old school,” Atticus said about his solo. He recorded the music for his solo off a record, purposefully keeping in the sound effects of the vinyl version. With a background in DJaying, Atticus is strongly inspired by records, “my turntables are my instruments,” he said. 

Atticus during a run of his solo at ACC.

Now This is Fun showcases ’80 dance motifs including hair whips, axel and pencils turns and lots of energy. Atticus said he wanted the audience “to get a sense of what it was like back in the day. Everybody has a Flashdance piece and this is my Flashdance piece.” 

Atticus teaches, performs and directs locally with his dance company Vitality Exhale in addition to other projects. He also creates unique screen printed shirts, some of which can be found for sale locally at Movin’ Easy.

Photography by Anne Wharton.

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