Sunday, July 5, 2015

Choreographing Friendship

Tuesday, July 7 at 7:00 the Rio Grande Campus Mainstage Theater will be home to Austin dance artists, ACC dance alumni and current ACC dance students. This free annual show provides a unique opportunity to view a broad spectrum of dance. From professionals to students to experimental works, the evening is unlike any other dance concert in Austin.

Current ACC dance students, Nico Locke and Hien Nguyen, are joining forces to present a new duet for the showcase. Recalling Companions came from Nico's concept of capturing the enduring nature of friendship. "Friendship is one of those beautiful things that life gives us that we don't have to pay for," Nico said.

Hien Nguyen during rehearsal for Recalling Companions.
The dancers' own friendship is flourishing as they work together on the piece. "Hien is my 'yes or no person,'" Nico said. "It's great having her eye - she helps out a lot," he says describing her contribution to creating transitions in the piece. "Hien and I work really well together even though we have completely different bodies,” Nico said. Hien also points out that the dancers have "different vocabularies" as well. But both dancers agree having different movement styles is actually a strength for the piece.

Nico wants the duet to accentuate movements that both dancers excel in performing, but he also wants the piece to connect with viewers. "I want the audience to see companionship. At the very end, we have this back-and-forth movement like a metronome," Nico said. He explained that the final swaying is his way to represent the everlasting nature of friendship; your friends are always there to lean on.

Nico Locke and Hien Nguyen working their unison phrase in rehearsal.

The show is free and open to the public. For more information visit our Facebook event page.

Photography by Anne Wharton.

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