Friday, December 5, 2014

Show Opens Tonight!

Our showcase is premiering tonight! Join us at 8 pm on the Mainstage at the Rio Grande Campus for an evening of new faculty and student work. Nico Locke will be one of seven students presenting original choreography from the Dance Composition class.

Nico surrounded by two of his dancers.

Nico began by creating movement to fit his initial concept of his dance. “We worked on manipulating the sequences we created in class and I started playing with the technicalities that I’ve been learning in my technique classes [ballet, modern, and jazz]. I also used my own movement to add diversity to my piece,” said Nico.

“I’m a really big fan of leaps and playing with gravity; you could get a sense of that when I first started choreographing the piece, not so much now. There’s still ballet but I also added my own movement quality, especially in the arms, to go with the emotion that I’m portraying in my dance.”

Nico's chorus in rehearsal.

Nico includes a chorus of four dancers with his soloist movements. He was inspired after presenting his solo draft to the class to use a group of dancers to portray the struggle of addiction from his concept. “I pictured a chorus that looks like a Greek play; using them like sirens,” said Nico. The sirens became a metaphor for the different phases of his concept. “I wanted to portray the feelings of misguided happiness, temptation, reflection, and salvation,” said Nico.

Nico’s takeaway for the audience is a message of hope, “We all have demons we have to fight, but you can find your own solution. There’s darkness but you don’t have to live in it.”

One of Nico's dancers in rehearsal.

For more information about the show visit our facebook.

Pictures by Anne Wharton

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