Saturday, December 6, 2014

Final Show Tonight!

The last showing of the Fall 2014 Choreographers’ Showcase is tonight on the Mainstage at the Rio Grande Campus at 8 pm. Dawn Roberts joins six other students from Dance Composition to present choreography along with Darla Johnson’s Dance Performance Workshop.

Dawn watching her dancers during rehearsal.
Dawn took the show’s theme of home to a darker place with the driving concept of molestation inspiring her work. “Everyone has difference experiences and those experiences control who they are. Molestation is one of the most damaging experiences a kid or a teenager can have,” said Dawn. She wanted to pick a topic that would take the viewer to a specific emotional place; even if the viewer had never personally experienced the scenario presented on stage.

Two of Dawn's dancers in rehearsal

“Everybody thinks they’re alone, but hopefully people will realize they’re not alone in these experiences. Even people with different backgrounds can still understand. It’s that human bonding that helps them get over those experiences; it’s what they need,” explained Dawn.

Her message for the audience is to find that connection with others. “We’re all part of one entity, one living existence. I feel like we push people away but what we really need is human connection.”

Hien on the left and Lindsey in Dawn's rehearsal.

For more information about the show, visit our facebook.

Pictures by Anne Wharton

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