Friday, November 13, 2015

Congrats to Hien!

Hien Nguyen. Photo by Callan Muckleroy.

Congratulations to Hien Nguyen for recieving the Dance & Drama Scholarship!

Hien came to ACC four years ago after realizing pursuing an architectural degree at UTSA wasn't her dream. At ACC, she tried classes in American Sign Language and Creative Writing before finding her passion for dance.

She kept coming back to dance for "the at-home feeling," she said. "The community doesn't judge and everyone is open to new ideas."

Hien had never choreographed before ACC. In fact, she had never danced before taking Professor Catherine Solaas's improvisation class.

"Improv was my first dance family. We were like children on a playground," Hien said. "Then I did the summer workshop (Professor Darla Johnson's performance workshop class). I was looking at everyone like 'you're so much better than me.' But they helped me learn."

Hien Nguyen and Lindsey Gerson.
Photo by Callan Muckleroy.

Hien is looking forward to transferring to Texas State for her BFA in Dance. She's also interested in earning her teacher's certification. The Dance & Drama Scholarship has opened her world to a whole new future. "It gave me the financial security to stay in school," Hien said.

The Dance & Drama Scholarship is open to all dance and drama majors who meet the requirements. Applications for the spring are due December 1, 2015. Change your future and apply online today!

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