Monday, February 23, 2015

Dance Film Night

Julie Nathanielsz, ACC Dance, Austin Dance, Dance Film Night
Julie Nathanielsz
This Thursday night, Feb. 26, there’s a free film viewing and discussion at 6 pm in the Rio Grande Campus Dance Studio, room 130. The beautiful, wonderful Julie Nathanielsz is our curator for the night, and she’s selected Nora for us to watch.

Nora is the award-winning documentary film about Zimbabwean dancer, Nora Chipaumire. But the film is more than just a biography of an African dancer…

“It’s not a documentary per se, it takes a look at her life; but she’s creating a reality through making the film,” said Julie. 

You can catch a clip of the film below: 

So why did Julie pick this film to show?

“I really like the way she (Nora Chipaumire) approaches dance. It’s about making experiences and learning from her process. She’s not trying to depict anything but she goes into her body and explores. I think she said somewhere that ‘creating is an attempt to know.’ I liked that as opposed to dance as a means of decoration and entertainment,” said Julie.

Dance Film Night is free and open to the public so bring along your friends. The event isn’t exclusive to dance majors – anyone interested in movement, film or story telling is more than welcome!

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