Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Informance

Next Wednesday, July 2nd, is the Dance Department’s annual Summer Informance. The show is on the Mainstage at the Rio Grande Campus at 7PM and it’s free! The performance features works from ACC faculty Darla Johnson, professional dancer and choreographer Roman Morgan, Texas State dance major Amanda Forsyth, ACC dance grad Anne Wharton, and ACC dance major Heather Moran. It will also be the first concert debut for the new Austin Community College Student Dance Company, Mind Body Motion.

Heather Moran in rehearsal

One of the reasons the student dance company was founded was to provide students with additional choreography and performance experience. As the Vice President of Mind Body Motion, Heather Moran is getting her first taste of choreographing outside of a class. “I questioned everything I did in the beginning. It was really difficult not having the security of someone I could go to with questions. I think the hardest thing was not having the class space to just improv and come up with new movement with classmates,” said Heather.  

Nico Locke and Joel  Davila in rehearsal

She tried a new process with her dancers and experimented with personal writing for the inspiration of movement. “It worked really well. The dancers were really open to the idea of writing and it pushed some dancers outside of their box. They created some beautiful movement and a lot of movement – way more than I expected,” said Heather.

Megan Thomas in  rehearsal

The dancers’ writings revolved around faith – the concept for Heather’s piece. “I tried to originally get away from the concept of faith, but I just kept coming back to it. It’s where I am now and I needed to get it out,” said Heather. Her work has wonderful moments with duets and solos; the solos being inspired by the dancers’ writings. “It’s incredible to see all these dancers, coming from different backgrounds with different descriptions of faith, connecting over something as simple but complex as faith,” said Heather about her dancers.

Taylor Pierce and Elisa Garcia  in rehearsal

Heather’s piece will be one of seven new works presented in the Summer Informance at the Rio Grande Campus at 7pm on Wednesday, July 2nd. Invite all your friends and family!

Pictures by Anne Wharton

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